Legal Cloud Hosting Services

Flywire’s customized hosted server solutions give you access to your applications and data anywhere, any time.

Your All-in-One Customized Cloud Solution

Flywire’s customized hosted server solutions give you access to your applications and data anywhere, any time. Every hosted server is tailor-made for the client to meet their specific business needs. Flywire is ideal for both smaller firms and corporate giants because our customized Windows servers can be scaled to provide access for any number of concurrent users. That means every single member of your organization can access your data and applications concurrently in real time.

Cloud Hosting Benefits


Scaling up while you grow is just as simple as scaling down as your business needs change.

Disaster Recovery

Data back up and recovery is included with all solutions – your company data is safe and secure.

No Internal IT Support

We handle all of the updates, upgrades,  installations, and end user support for you.

Capital-Expenditure Free

Our subscription-based models allows you to simply pay as you go.

Better Collaboration

Real time data allows for the highest level of collaborative visibility.

Work From Anywhere

Flywire’s services run from any internet connected device – flexibility to work remotely.

Document Control

Flywire offers maintained document control. All files are stored centrally on our servers.

Security & Compliance

We provide and maintain protection against third party intrusion.

Competitive Edge

Small businesses can now operate with the same agility and functionality of larger competitors.

Don’t get left behind. Get the flexibility, scalability, and cost-savings the cloud has to offer.

Flywire eliminates the high costs of hardware acquisition. Everything you need to get back up and running is already in place at our data center (and is included in our hosting solutions at no extra charge!)
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IT Security Issues That Put Your Law Firm at Risk


Being able to work in the same email and document environment from any part of the world is essential to an international law practice in the 21st century. Flywire’s cloud hosting and support make seamless access possible without the concerns about outages and loss of confidentiality arising from the programs of competing services. Thomas C. Ragan

Partner, Ragan & Freeman LLP

Productivity, efficiency and reliability are words that come to mind when I think of Flywire Technology. Our firm has been using the services of Flywire for several years and we are always impressed and never disappointed with the company’s services and support. Flywire develops and implements the platform to make your firm successful and then supports your growth and future needs. Joseph D. Ryan

Law Offices of Joseph D. Ryan, P.C.