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Our Story


When Flywire Technology’s CEO, Marc Gray, founded records management company Atlanta Data Storage in 1994, he was determined to make his clients’ lives easier. As he established his organization’s expertise in the legal industry, Marc knew the attorneys he served were relying on him to keep the data backbone of their businesses both safe and readily accessible. As technology and client needs evolved, so did Atlanta Data Storage, and Marc expanded the company’s services to include routine, remote backup and storage.

When Marc met information technology expert Jason Lamb, he knew he had found a partner who could help him realize his vision of a complete client solution. The two spent a year developing a formula to keep clients consistently connected to their data anytime, from anywhere, and in 2008 they launched Southern Datacorp—now known as Flywire Technology.

Don’t get left behind. Get the flexibility, scalability, and cost-savings the cloud has to offer.

Flywire eliminates the high costs of hardware acquisition. Everything you need to get back up and running is already in place at our data center (and is included in our hosting solutions at no extra charge!)

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