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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Flywire compare to other cloud providers?
The difference between Flywire and other providers is that Flywire provides full support of the system at no extra charge. Our support staff can remote in and assist for no additional fees. Examples would be loading applications, application updates, end user support, etc.
Is training included?
Showing you how it works and helping you get the most out of Flywire’s capabilities is part of our service. We provide live demos, remote connections for training, and easy to follow documentation.
Do I have to buy fancy new hardware to access Flywire’s cloud solutions?
No! You can access Flywire through your currently owned equipment.
What devices can I use to connect to Flywire?
Flywire is compatible with Windows, Apple, Android, Chrome and Linux operating systems. It can be used from smart phones, tablets, PCs, Macs, and even Raspberry Pis. If your device of choice can connect to the internet then it is Flywire compatible. You can work from your desktop computer at the office and pick up exactly where you left off from your tablet while on the go.
Can I add applications after my initial set up?
Definitely. You provide us with the software information and we handle the rest!
Is the connection RDP based? Will I view a standard Windows desktop?
Parallels Remote Application Server (RAS) is a leading solution for virtual application and desktop delivery to any device or operating system.  Flywire users access their data and applications through Parallels RAS. The end user can view a standard Windows desktop. However there are other ways to access these applications that may be preferable. We can publish the applications individually and they will appear as if they are running on the local machine. The system is flexible so that each end user can run the system that suits them best.
Do you offer QuickBooks license leases as add-ons to our subscriptions?
Flywire is an Intuit partner and can provide QB licenses as a subscription.
Can I use my current printers and scanners with Flywire?
Yes! Flywire allows you to use your current printers and scanners while connected to our system.
How is my data protected?
All of our servers run in a Tier 3 Data Center. This complies with all security audits and offers a triple redundancy layer. All data is mirrored and backed up. Back ups are sent to a separate data center as well for another level of redundancy.
Some of my data is confidential. Can I trust you with it?
All of our employees are required to sign non-disclosure agreements. We only access your files if you request us to. You can think of our servers like a bank safe. No one but you touches your files unless otherwise specified.
Can you assist with my security audit if needed?
Of course we can. We can provide all needed information for events like security audits.
Is Flywire HIPAA compliant?
Yes, Flywire is HIPAA certified.
Can I get my data back if I decide to discontinue service?
Your data is your data. We can transfer your data digitally or ship it back to you on an encrypted hard drive.

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Flywire eliminates the high costs of hardware acquisition. Everything you need to get back up and running is already in place at our data center (and is included in our hosting solutions at no extra charge!)
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