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There are many benefits to hosting your law firm in the cloud. From the enhanced security to improved compliance, more cost control to better collaboration, law firms in the cloud are more productive, less reliant on IT, and simply better for their employees.

While our last blog touched on the importance of collaboration between attorneys, today’s blog is focused on the concept of portability and why it’s so important that you have anytime, anywhere access to the applications you use every day.

The Modern Law Firm: Accessing Applications Securely

More diverse and faster than ever, today’s legal professionals can’t be tethered to an office. Knowing this, it pays to enable to do your employees to do more—no matter where they are, how they need to access their applications, or what devices they use:

A Need for Portability

Today’s law firm is broader than ever. Say an attorney needs a document from the courthouse or at home. Traditionally, this would require him or her to either request something via email, go back to the office to put the file on a flash drive, or at best—set up a VPN and virtual desktop, hoping everything stays up and that this is the latest version of the document. Two of these three options aren’t secure and all three are inconvenient compared to the modern access available via the cloud.

Increased Productivity

According to a recent survey from FlexJobs, work from home policies are contributing to more productivity, citing fewer distractions (75%), fewer interruptions from colleagues (74%), reduced stress from commuting (71%), and minimal office politics (65%) as the main reasons employees have become more productive.

Happier Attorneys

Many attorneys aren’t able to simply “disconnect” from their workday, and it’s important that employers do provide access to applications for employees. Gone are the days where a late night at the office is a late night at the office.

This allows your team to be more productive while still getting the chance to be with their families while reducing the amount of time spent commuting to the office and feeling more freedom.

How Cloud Hosting Offers You the Ability to Work Anywhere

When you host your applications in the cloud, you give your attorneys, paralegals, and more easy and secure access to the applications they need by simply logging into a browser. Wherever they are, whenever they need it, your employees are given the power to do more—whether it’s at the client’s location a home office, or the courthouse.

Cloud Hosting with Flywire

If you need to gain access to your documents and applications from anywhere (and you know you do), the cloud is your secure and easy to use solution.

Flywire’s services run from any internet connected device. You can work from your desktop computer and pick up on your smart phone or tablet exactly where you left off if you choose to leave the office. Flywire gives you the flexibility to work remotely.

For some clients, our services allow for the elimination of a physical office altogether. Flywire lets you enjoy the work-life balance of your choosing without losing productivity.

Don’t just take it from us, take it from one of our many our satisfied clients:

“We have used the services of Flywire Technology for well over a year now, and they have made our work lives so much easier. The employees in our firm are able to work via computer or tablet, anytime and anywhere. Adding new employees or software to the network is as simple as a telephone call and Flywire’s technical support and responsiveness has been outstanding. I would highly recommend their services to anyone thinking about moving to a cloud network!”

Lisa Hilderbrand
Calderhead, Lockemeyer and Peschke Law Office
Milford, Ohio

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